Thank you for referring your patients to us.  We are happy to help in any way possible.  A few things to keep in mind:

1.  For emergencies, the Division of Dermatology at NWH has coverage which rotates among the affiliated dermatologists.  Please call 617-243-6000 and ask for the page operator, who can page the dermatologist on call.
2.  For urgent consultations with Drs. Jones or Scanlon, please call our office at 617-969-0210 and explain the circumstances.  Our schedule is heavily booked and we are unable to accomodate walk-ins.  We make every effort to see patients in a timely fashion through our cancellation list and scheduled add-on slots.
3.  For routine consultations, please ask the patient to call our office (617-969-0210) to schedule an appointment.  Feel free to contact Drs. Jones and Scanlon through Partners email or clinical messaging or by phone to pass on any important information.  We have access to all records in Partners Epic.  Other medical records can be forwarded by mail or fax if needed.
4.  If referring a patient for a surgical procedure, such as excision of a previously biopsied growth, please notify the office so that we can verify the pathology and schedule an appropriate amount of time for the visit.
5.  Please keep in mind that insurance plans do not cover removal of skin tags, seborrheic keratoses or any other cosmetic services – we have to bill separately for these services.
6.  We prepare notes for all patient visits and enter these in Partners Epic, typically on the same day.  We are also happy to discuss patient findings by phone or secure email.