Our practice focuses on general medical and surgical care for patients with skin disease.  We see patients of all ages, all skin types, and both genders. We perform baseline skin cancer screenings and perform regular screening checks for patients with abnormal moles, a history of skin cancer, or other skin cancer risk factors.

A suspected skin cancer is generally biopsied in our office during a routine visit.  Treatment is then planned based on the biopsy results and the size and location of the cancer.  Most often, we can completely remove the skin cancer in our office using local anesthesia.  At other times, we refer patients to Mohs surgeons or plastic surgeons for further treatment.  We do not have space for the equipment required for Mohs surgery and are unable to offer this in our office.

We treat psoriasis using topical, systemic, and biologic medications, but due to space constraints, we are unable to offer ultraviolet light treatments in our office.

We treat acne using a variety of topical and systemic treatments, and are registered to prescribe isotretinoin (Accutane).

We also offer a limited range of cosmetic services including chemical peels, removal of skin tags, and freezing of brown “age” spots.  Due to space constraints we do not offer cosmetic laser treatments.

Please feel free to call our office at 617-969-0210 and ask if we can help with something you need.